Morgan Lynch, co-worker and CEO of LogoWorks
I knew the first time I met with Lance that I wanted to hire him, but that he'd be the only person on our marketing team without a significant other. I thought, What can I do to help Lance find true love? Out of our concern grew We hope it helps him out. If you think Lance sounds cool, but you rather work with him than date him, click here to see what positions we've got available. Maybe you'll get your own billboard someday.

Noelle Bates, co-worker and Director of Corporate Communicatons, LogoWorks
I didn't meet my husband until I was 30, so I know how hard it is to walk in Lance's shoes. I also know that when we conceptualized DateLance as a team, I was so glad I was married. Lance is the greatest guy and deserves to end up with someone as stellar as he is. He's the kind of guy that you'd want to set up with your sister, and the kind of guy who won't kill you when he sees a billboard like this for the first time.

Jeff Kearl, co-worker and chief marketing officer, LogoWorks
I've known Lance longer than anyone on Team DateLance and it's baffled me why this guy can't get the deal done. I mean, he's got it all. Good looks, great personality, a Harvard MBA? And the guy has got some skills on the basketball court. I don't know about his dating skills, but DateLance should certainly help him hone them.

Clarke Miyasaki, co-worker and vice president of business development
I share a cubicle with Lance and can tell you that Lance is a Blue Marlin in a sea of tuna. We love this guy (even if we show our love by putting up a billboard that will be the shock of his life). Ladies, do not miss out on your chance to DateLance. He is going to be snatched up by some lucky woman, why shouldn't it be you?

Rob Marsh, Vice President of Creative Services, LogoWorks
As a former menace to society myself, I want to help in any way I can. Ladies, he's a former collegiate basketball phenom, holds an MBA from a small school back east, and desperately needs to fill this last hole in his life. Heck, if I were a single woman, I'd beg to date this guy.

Ben Vines, Graphic Designer, LogoWorks
I have heard it said from quite a few sources that Lance is Utah's Most Eligible Bachelor. I don't know the guy real well, but I figure if there's an opportunity to help the most eligible bachelor in the state get hooked up, I might as well join the ride. Good luck ladies!

Levi Miller, Developer Extraordinaire, LogoWorks
Being on Team DateLance has been a great opportunity and a great honor because this is one classy guy (who hopefully has a sense of humor to match). He doesn't know it yet, but this is going to change his life (and hopefully find him a wife). I look forward to working on any other projects that come my way that involve hooking up guys like Lance.

Tyler Lynch, Graphic Designer, LogoWorks
Being the only single guy on Team DateLance, I have to say that I am a little bit jealous (and horrified) about the opportunity that is about to present itself. This valley is full of beautiful ladies, but I can say that there aren't a lot of guys out there that compare to Lance (except for me, so if you want to go out with me instead, email Noelle at as she screens any potentials).

You donĂ­t have to DateLance to meet Lance. You can work with him.

LogoWorks is a fun place. We'll do just about anything to make our employees truly happy!