Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Did Lance know about the billboard or the website?
A. No, Lance had no idea. He found out about it when we drove him by the billboard about 30 minutes after it had gone up. In fact, we secretly videotaped his reaction.

Q. How did you get all of those pictures of Lance?
A. When Lance first started at LogoWorks about six months ago, he went down to a local photography studio called Rubberball Productions. He is our Director of Marketing and was there to supervise a photo shoot we were doing to get artwork for a website we were launching. Lance is a good looking guy, so the people at the studio told him they’d comp the photo shoot if he’d take some pictures for them to put into their stock photography catalogs. Lance agreed, and we ended up with hundreds of pictures of him that he now regrets having taken.

Q. How has Lance responded to the attention?
A. Lance has been a very good sport, which solidified our feelings that he’s a great guy. We wouldn’t say he has LIKED the attention, but he’s been cool about it and so far no revenge has been taken. The only thing that has made him mad is when people call him and ask him why he agreed to do this, as if he would have ever gone along with it had he known. As he tells them, “Give me some credit.”

Q. What do you do with the submissions?
A. Team DateLance and Lance himself receive the submissions, review them, and then we talk up the girls to Lance. It’s up to Lance to actually call them, but we usually get our way.

Q. Are all the “credentials” about Lance true?
A. All the important stuff is accurate. He did play basketball at BYU, he did get his MBA from Harvard, he does like kids, and we discovered that he does have a sense of humor.

Q. Whose idea was this?
A. We can’t really remember exactly, but we do recall being in Morgan Lynch’s office (LogoWorks CEO) when the idea came up. We had the pictures, an easy target, and the rest just fell into place.

Q. Is Lance desperate?
A. Lance is definitely not desperate, which is why this is all the more funny.

Q. Is Lance dating anyone right now?
A. Would we put up a billboard inviting people to get to know him if he was?

You don’t have to DateLance to meet Lance. You can work with him.

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